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Appreciation from delighted customers always motivates us. We have had the privilege to work with great clients. Here is what our clients said about our services:

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They provided us excellent ADA website accessibility remediation services for our website. They were easy to work with, extremely responsive and completed our project within the needed time frame. We'd definitely recommend them to companies of any size.

Rachel Shemirani, Senior Vice President,, USA
Rachel Shemirani Senior Vice President,, USA

To whom it may concern,

I have been working with Rajesh Bhimani since early 2010. He and his team have developed numerous projects for my company. My experiences with Rajesh and his team have yielded work that indicates high quality workmanship. I have gained increased faith in not only their depth of and breadth of skill but in their exceptionally high standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity.


Jayne Wayne, CEO, USA
Jayne Wayne CEO, USA

At first, we were a little reticent to work with a company that had an overseas development team, especially after working with a string of largely unresponsive local programmers. But from the first job, Raj and his team have been an incredible asset to us. They’ve become our go-to developers — and really, an extension of our team for ten years now.

Skynet’s technical knowledge is unmatched — we’ve never given them a challenge they couldn’t solve. They are exceptionally responsive and have a great process. One of our favorite tricks is, at the end of our workday, to provide the Skynet team with a list of things we need done. Then, we find all those tasks checked off by the next morning. These seemingly magical overnight solutions also really impress our clients.

Ultimately, Raj and his team are incredibly kind, gracious and easy to work with, and that is just as important to us as their obvious talent and knowledge.

Team EG, Nevada, USA
Team EG Nevada, USA

Raj and his team at Skynet Technologies have been incredibly responsive to our needs. He not only got our site up quickly, he has helped us sort through database management issues with limited technological know-how on our part. Raj has been a real pleasure to work with.

Jenny Frayer, Reno Wheelmen, USA
Jenny Frayer Reno Wheelmen, USA

Back in the Olden Days, I created a web site for myself; as the years passed, it grew older at a faster rate than just the passing of years.

Finally this year (2014) I had the good fortune to be approached by Rajesh Bhimani, who was able to admire my antique, and politely offered to show me how to modernize it. That was one of the best offers I have ever received, and he provided me with several options on how to spruce it up and talk to my prospects in current lingo. Thereafter, I made a selection of one of the designs, and discussed with him that I would like to have in the way of background pictures, sliders, accordions, and the like. He made a number of suggestions on how to lessen the distractions I had so carefully placed in my old site, all of which made sense to me. He and his staff completed the new design and implementation, along with several improvements as we went along. Meanwhile I was sprucing up my products, and getting my deliverables in shape for the new site. By June both the deliverables and new site came together, and it is in full operation. A few minor improvements occurred to me after the launching, and these were integrated into the running site overnight.

My product, ChurchBook/DataBase, is a low cost accounting package (that does more than just accounting) designed for "amateur" church office workers and non-accountant church treasurers. As such, it needs to be attractive enough for prospects to be impressed by the site, and able to take them on an educational short journey to download a trial copy of my program. So far, it is meeting these requirements, and I am extremely satisfied with both the end product and the great folks at Skynet Technologies who made it possible.

Gordon Jones, President and Chief, USA
Gordon Jones President and Chief, USA

I have had an impressive encounter with Mr. Rajesh Bhimani twenty two years ago when he designed our first website for KAB Dental Inc... Our business to sell dental equipment on a global scale flourished dominating our domain name on the first page of Google. Honesty is his trademark and over the years I have come to trust him and his staff to help our business grow. From a staff of a few he has grown his business involving custom shopping carts and search engine market services several folds.

In my semi retirement, KB Dental Consulting business, Rajesh once more helped me to promote our domain name globally within a very short duration allowing me to market mobile dental vans, mobile dental trailers, mobile medical mammography vans, mobile nuclear imaging vans on a global scale. He has even learned about my business more than I expected and offered me valuable suggestions.

I trust him and his staff implicitly and would recommend his talents to anyone who can benefit from his many skills.

Kirit B, KB Dental Consulting, LLC (USA)
Kirit B. President,
KB Dental Consulting, LLC (USA)

We have completed several projects with the Skynet Technologies team for our eCommerce platform over the past year. You can see their latest work at our new eCommerce platform for our Motorcycle parts business,

The team has gone the extra miles to complete every part of the project. When there are challenges, Skynet Technologies rises to the occasion and develops solutions with excellent communication. From simple website management, system security (http), upgrading website code to the latest PHP, to replatforming a complex ecommerce website; they have taken on every task with professionalism.

It is a breeze to post tickets to their program site and the turnaround time exceeds our expectations. Their communication on the status of programs has been excellent.

After working with other developers over the years, Skynet Technologies has been the best development team we have worked with. We recommend them for most any website project.

Jason McDonnell KurveyGirl LLC, USA
Jason McDonnell KurveyGirl LLC, USA

About two months ago, Rajesh and his team at Skynet Technologies of website developers created a customized website for our printed circuit board manufacturing business. As a result of their efforts and expertise, our online marketing presence grew dramatically overnight!

Indirectly contributing to the outstanding results we are now realizing from our website, is the professional design and ease of navigation. We receive compliments almost on a daily basis from customers, suppliers, and business associates who are impressed with our website. For anyone who wishes to use their online website as an effective marketing tool, I would urge them to contact Rajesh immediately!

In addition to adding value to our company website through design improvement and the creation of highly effective marketing tools, Rajesh has been willing to help us improve our business in several other ways beyond what we could have expected. Specifically, he has created presentations that we have used to successfully approach large organizations with a high volume of business.

I truly cannot say enough about Rajesh and his team and how grateful we are for his services! Thank you Rajesh!!!

Ryan j Murray, PCB Assembly (USA)
Ryan j Murray Sales Engineer,
PCB Assembly (USA)

I think it's true to say I was extremely sceptical when I approached Skynet Technologies, as my experience with other companies has been negative to say the least but having been left in an impossible position by one of my own developers at mid project and on the back of a recommendation from Aimeos, I approached Raj and his team at Skynet Technologies.

I have to say I should not have been worried; Raj and his team have been nothing but supportive, taking on someone's code at the middle of project is never easy and in this case was definitely challenging at times, but every time they've come up with a solution and again which is very rare everything they've deployed has been tested and works first time.

Communication has been easy and transparent, and I have been kept well informed all stages. I would have no hesitation in recommending anybody to work with Raj and his team at Skynet Technologies and I'm looking forward to exploring more projects with them in the future!

Kevin King, Createanet
Kevin King Createanet

Hi there!

My name is Eckart Schillings; I run a Web-design business in Queensland, Australia.

I have been doing this for many years and started to cooperate with "Skynet Technologies" some time ago. My partner at Skynet Technologies is Mr. Rajesh, who's ongoing and never ending efforts have allowed me to offer exceptional web services to my client base. This allowed me to grow my business beyond what I could achieve, just by myself.

All work has been done on time and on budget. The quality of work is very high and projects always finished to my full Clients satisfaction. Ongoing support is always at hand, done in a timely and efficient way. This business over-delivers Many times Clients needed some small adjustments on their website and at times those adjustments were carried out very fast, and without any charge by Skynet Technologies.

When it comes to customer service, I rank Skynet Technologies amongst the very best Nothing is ever too hard.The people at this Company understand that we need to provide great services on a ongoing basis to succeed in today's fast moving market. I am in this business for the long run and hope to be able to cooperate with Rajesh at Skynet Technologies on a long term basis for many years to come I feel honored to be one of their permanent Clients and look forward to travelling to India one of these Days to meet up with Rajesh in person.

If you want professional Web design services, ongoing courteous services, and realistic pricing, then Skynet Technologies would be my first choice. Good luck with your Web Enterprise!

Eckart Schillings, CEO, Australia
Eckart Schillings CEO, Australia

I am based in Dubai, UAE, with work colleagues spread across three time zones - India, the UAE, and the UK. Rajesh & his team at Skynet Technologies have been providing us with IT services for the past many years. They are exceptionally experienced in their work and incredibly prompt in resolving any issues which we encounter. It is extremely reassuring to know that they are available at short notice and will log off only after the problem is sorted out to our satisfaction. I am very glad that they are a part of our team.

Best wishes to Rajesh and his team.

Bhavyesh Sanghavi, Director - Sales & Marketing, BICC Components, Dubai UAE
Bhavyesh Sanghavi Director - Sales & Marketing, BICC Components, Dubai UAE

When I asked a question or brought up a need, the team of Skynet Technologies was always quick to tackle the issue and provide a solution.

Our website was built on an out of date, no longer maintained Drupal 6 e-commerce module and we needed to find someone with the technical experience to not only upgrade the website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 but to also migrate all our sales data from one commerce module to another. This was a challenging project.

I found them through an online search for Drupal development. I think for me it was their confidence and their responsiveness that sold me on the project.

They did a fantastic job upgrading my very outdated Drupal 6 e-commerce website up to Drupal 7 e-commerce website. This was not an easy project as the ecommerce module I had built the website on, had been abandoned, forcing us to switch to a new ecommerce module and for a lot of the website's architecture to change. They did a great job upgrading and migrating the site to Drupal 7 and managed to keep the website performing just as it had before and with improvements. They were very organized. During testing they were always responsive to fixing bugs I discovered.

Once the new upgraded website went live, I had almost zero issues because they were patient during the testing phase. The next step for our website is to merge the old commerce sales data into the new tables provided by the commerce module we are now using. I'm looking forward to working with them again. You can checkout there work by going to

Efficient would be the best way to describe how they work. And they always fix any issues I find. And they were very responsive. I would say the response times were excellent.

UPDATE: 8-3-22: Phase two is now complete, and I'm happy to report everything is working as desired. I'm very happy with the results and I plan on continuing to work with them on an ongoing basis.

PDH Library, Southard Engineering, Inc.
John Southard President, Southard Engineering, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with Rajesh Bhimani and his talented team of professionals at Skynet Technologies for the past several years. Our agency works with high-profile national and global brands in North America who demand beautifully designed and functionally elegant technology solutions. Skynet’s work has always been exemplary!

We appreciate how Raj, Sunil and the team at Skynet consistently meet even the tightest deadlines in the website and app development work they’ve done for us. The code they write is tight, the documentation they provide is very detailed, and it’s clear from the user interface solutions they devise that they understand branding and customer engagement very well.

Working with global teams is a challenge — it requires being responsive around the clock, day and night. Raj’s willingness to go the extra mile and meet with us at all hours is another example of the excellence we enjoy in working with Skynet.

There are a lot of companies that develop websites and apps. But very few combine technical expertise and versatility with the level of service and support Skynet Technologies routinely delivers. I emphatically endorse Raj and his team!

Joe Hansen, President and Chief Creative Officer, USA
Joe Hansen President and Chief Creative Officer, USA

We had an old shopping cart we had used for about 21 years that was going out of business. We needed a new site, one that was integrated into our main URL. I searched for cart developers and interviewed several that had strong recommendations. Raj seemed the most intelligent, responsible and professional and I went with Skynet. They built a new OS Commerce site integrating it into a revised home page. They downloaded all the information from the old cart, did a lot of programming to integrate with our database requirements, set up an affiliate program.

We have seen a significant increase in sales after switching to the new site. We interfaced with Raj so it was simple and efficient. They worked well, did an excellent job, responded quickly, and were highly professional.

Robert Harrison, Owner,, USA
Robert Harrison Owner,, USA

I have been working with Rajesh and his team for over eleven years on a variety of different technical projects including websites, sales funnels, email infrastructure for my business, and more. He bends over backwards and has even worked around the clock to make sure every outcome exceeds expectations and stays within budget.

Kaya Stanley, Business Owner
Kaya Stanley Business Owner